Listen to a wide variety of radio stations on your PC
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Enjoy music radio stations as well as an eclectic collection songs from a wide variety of styles. Buy your favorite music albums and listen to them directly from the interface. is an online service that keeps track of the music you listen to, and then brings you personalized content.
It can be used to listen to music, find info on artists you like, get in touch with people with similar music taste, local concerts, charts and quilts for your personal site.

The program supports 8 different languages.

During the installation, will search your computer for multimedia players, for the "scrobbling". That means that when you listen to a song, its name is sent to and added to your music profile.

When the first screen appears, you will be able to search for an artist or tag, will search a content that matches your criteria, and then will launch a "station" playing a song.

You can add the track to your "Loved" or "Banned" tracks. You can share the song you´re listening with another users, even including a message for them. You can also add a tag to a specific song, to help others find what they´re looking for.

You can add song to your playlist, in order to play them in another opportunity. You can stop a song, or go to the next one.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It lets you build "stations" that play only the music that you like. You can have different personalized stations according to your mood on a particular day


  • The personalization options are only available for subscribers, ant that cost about 4 dollars
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